One of the greatest things God can bless you with in this life is siblings. We often equate our relationship with our siblings to dumb fights and forget that they are the ones that will truly have our back when we feel like our parents won’t understand where we’re coming from. They also know our parents better than any of our friends that we would choose to vent to.

It’s important to mention that just like we look after our friends when they’re sad, we need to do that for our siblings. We need to ask them if they are sad, what’s on their mind, what baggage have they been carrying around with them?

We’re often scared to be blunt with our friends but never hesitate to be rude to our siblings. Sometimes we have to take a step back and treat our siblings like our friends. They don’t always need to hear sarcastic remarks.

They need to know we love them and are going to love them no matter what they do.

Be thankful for your siblings and ask yourself when: was the last time you sat down with them and had a real deep conversation?


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